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GLOPRO Organic Blends sold here

GLOPROTM now offers 4 organic products sold at the GLO Flex Cafe + Center in Asseredores, Northern Nicaragua (and around the world!)

GLOPROTM Organic + Realfood Blends were created by Natural Nutritionist & Live Food Chef Grace Van Berkum. Grace is an international wellness educator and creator of GLO Flex Center in Nicaragua. She teaches clients how to heal their bodies and transform their health and lives with fresh foods found in nature.

GLOPROTM Immune Blend:


Medicinal adaptogens to increase vitality, de-stress, fuel human performance + help with physical & mental recovery. 

GLOPRO Superfood Blend Logo

GLOPROTM Superfood Protein Blend:

Plantbased protein, sustainable energy, muscle recovery + blood sugar stabilization.  

GLOPRO Organic Coffee Logo

GLOPROTM Organic Espresso Dark Roast Coffee:


Mold-free, chemical-free, shade grown + made in Nicaragua.


GLOPROTM 100% Pure Sesame Protein Flour:


A vegan, gluten-free, protein-rich, flour that makes creamy milk, and can also be used as a keto flour.


Health Cafe & Empowerment Center

GLO is a health cafe and empowerment community center located in tranquil Northern Nicaragua. Our unique, creative, & health conscious courses and experiences at the center are designed for stress reduction, health rejuvenation, & life recalibration with a customized educational component. The center's  GLO Retreat Program includes a fresh, local, menu from the GLO Flex Cafe, outdoor functional movement practices, vagal toning and breathing practices, life coaching, Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic treatments with local practitioners, daily earthing, and community connections. With the support of mother nature, we are here to support you as you reclaim your health and your life. 

The GLO philosophy is rooted in using ''food as medicine'' and "living your life as your medicine". Team GLO is passionate about teaching the world how to use food to heal the body. Our retreat programs are  focused on cell health, digestive health, liver health, brain health, and skin health while helping to increasing inner clarity and life fulfillment. Our GLO “Cellular Nutrition” menu has been specifically designed to shift the body and mind into a more abundant state.  

GLO Superfood + Fresh Food Meals are all geared towards balancing your body and hormonal system, reducing inflammation, improving digestion & elimination, releasing toxins, and improving weight, all while satisfying your taste buds in delicious and creative ways.

The GLO Mission represents self-empowerment and self-love through mindful lifestyle choices and habits.
Team GLO is here to provide you with the best nutrition & lifestyle support and coaching.


Grace of GLO

Grace Van Berkum, founder of GLO Cafe & Center, GLO International Retreats + GLOPROTM Organic Superfood Blends, is a Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Certified Personal Trainer. Known for her anti-inflammatory, fresh food-as-medicine nutrition plans and menus, detox retreats, and raw chef trainings, Grace teaches Private and Group International Retreats based on a Level 1-8 Cell Health system. Hundreds of her recipes and photos can be found in international magazines, websites and sponsor sites around the world. She has 5 RAW HEALING recipe books found on her personal website (raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free) focused on disease prevention and healing. Since 2006, Grace has helped thousands of clients transform their health and re-direct their futures with her lifestyle knowledge and nutrition coaching. She has helped many people heal from diseases and cancer, including her father.

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listed Salt Resorts in Mauritius in the TOP 100 WORLD'S GREATEST PLACES IN 2019. Grace's GLO Raw Food Recipes are featured on their menu, and showcased in their Salt Cookbook.

GLO SCHEDULE Nicaragua 2023


Join your Team GLO hosts Grace Van Berkum and Bashar León as they explore human stories of healing and transformation, including their own. A podcast created to inspire and illuminate the human journey of pain, and how it is necessary and also beneficial to one’s growth and quest for inner peace and deeper meaning.

GLO Talk Podcast


GLO is an empowerment community health center that offers customized experiential programs as well as online educational programs. Situated in beautiful nature, it is focused on healing through fresh, local, organic foods, functional movement, de-stressing in nature, and making authentic friendships. It features a main club house with kitchen for nutrition classes, a health cafe and bakery with roof top patio, a private fitness, boxing, and yoga rancho which also doubles as a community dining area.

Also on site in nature:


• 5 secured rooms with ceiling fans and individual bed fans

• 5 Private bathrooms and 4 private showers

• 5 double beds, 4 single beds 

• Tiled floors

• Filtered Colloidal Silver water, Berkey filtered water


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